4 Ways Your Past Is Stealing Your Future Happiness & Success

Would you believe it if I told you that your past can rob you of current and future happiness and success?

It’s true. Holding onto traumas and pains from the past is what holds many people back from emotional, mental and financial breakthroughs, and long term joy.

Let’s explore this a little more, shall we? 

Here are four ways your past is stealing your happiness and success:

Clinging to the past causes an imbalance of chemicals in your brain and body.

In a normal brain, chemicals carry messages from one cell to the next. Unfortunately, just like a person with high cholesterol struggles with blood flow being blocked in route to the heart, a brain that is hung up on sadness, worry or other negative emotions imbalances the way those chemicals communicate with your brain. This imbalance can cause your body to feel physical pain, drain your energy, and just leave you feeling, for lack of a better phrase, off.

When you focus too much on the past, you literally fog up your brain and negatively affect its ability to expand and grow.

Perhaps the old proverb said it best when it referred to holding a grudge being similar to that of letting someone live rent-free in your mind. By not letting the past go, you are literally allowing that negative experience to occupy precious space in your mind. 

You’re also damaging your vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve regulates emotions, and sends signals from your brain to all the parts of your body. It's also the holding spot for fear. Amazingly enough, damage to this nerve can give your a stomach ache, make your limbs feel sore, and can even lead to heart trouble.

Think about it - the last time you thought about someone who hurt you in some way that you have yet to forgive. Remember that knot that began to form in the pit of your stomach? That’s directly related to your vagus nerve. Those knots can get untied if you release that negativity from your mind.

You’re potentially destroying new and old relationships.

Let’s say you’re considering going out on a date with someone new after an old flame broke your heart. If you still haven’t forgiven your ex, do you think your guard will be up extra high on that first date (or even years after you've been married)? Absolutely!

Or what about your current relationships, such as with your parents, siblings, and even your friends? Are you a little more cautious about being close with them so that you don’t get hurt anymore? If so, you could ruin any closeness you already have.

Are you starting to see how damaging it is to not release negative emotions and energy from the past?

The scary thing is often these negative emotions are hanging out in our subconscious - so we don't even realize how much they are still affecting us!


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