Making 2016 the Best Year In Your Marriage!

As the days are passing quickly, I'm realizing that New Years is right around the corner.  I have already started making my list for my new years resolutions.  I am determined to make 2016 the best year yet! 

How about you?

I recommend that you and your spouse work together on creating some family and marital goals for 2016.  Maybe this will be reconnecting with a weekend away, scheduling monthly or weekly date nights, developing your communication skills, attending couples coaching, getting on the same page with parenting, strengthening your finances, or having more sex!

Whatever your couple goals may be - here are some fun ideas to get on the same page with your spouse so you can start reaching your goals together!

  1. Plan one night with your spouse, grab a bottle of wine and make a list of 100 goals, dreams, memories that you want to make over the next 5-10 years.  This may include financial goals, vacations, time-away, couples or individual development, fitness, etc.  Now, choose 10 of these items and MAKE THEM HAPPEN.  Put together a plan, or put them onyour calendar!  If you have older children - get them involved too.

  2. I just learned about a fun new wedding tradition - that you can do even if you've been married for 30 years.  It's called the Wine Box VowsPrior to the wedding each partner writes a love letter to their future spouse expressing your thoughts about your partners good qualities, gratitude, the reason you fell in love and your hopes and dreams for the future.  Each spouse seals the letter and places it and a bottle of wine (or liquor) in a wine box.  The box is opened and the letters are read on the 5 year anniversary - or anytime the relationship is being challenged. Take some time this New Years to reflect on your relationship with your spouse, remember what you love and appreciate about them, write it in a letter and put it in the box.  You can even make this a yearly tradition - where you can open it each year on New Years (or an anniversary) and replace it with new love letters.

  3. Make a vision board or vision book together.  Grab some old magazines or get google and your printer ready.  Spend some time together reflecting on what you want for yourselves, for each other and for your family.  Now start printing and cutting out pictures that represent what you want.  Place the pictures on a poster board and hang up so you are constantly reminded of your family goals.  Here is a great article on putting together vision boards

  4. Choose one or two of these relationship habits and make them a new part of your 2016 life.

  • Create a new love ritual (coffee in the morning, saying I love you before bed, texting gratitude to one another, etc.) and resolve to do this love ritual every day
  • Plan 2-4 date nights every month.  Put them on your calendar now, and start arranging baby sitting, schedule changes and finances.  Remember, a date night can be at home and can be at anytime of the day.
  • Tell one another 3 things you are grateful for each day.
  • Schedule a weekly family or couple meeting.
  • Schedule 2-4 kid-free weekend getaways.
  • Hug each other for 30-seconds three times every day.
  • Have sex at least 2xs per week.
  • Chat for at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Learn one another's love languages and make a habit to meet your spouses love language each day.

Let me know what your relationship goals are for this year?  Did you use any of the suggestions above?  Do you have some other suggestions?

I love to hear about them!  Comment below or shoot me an e-mail at

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