Take This 4 Question Quiz To Become A Better Wife (or Husband)


This is a test, just a test.  There is not a real emergency.  This is a test, repeating just a test

Remember those national broadcasting messages that you used to get on television or radio? 

The broadcasting services were testing their systems to make sure everything would work in case of emergency.  

Super annoying – but I’m glad they did it…

So, when the real storm or emergency came about – they knew their systems would work and they could deliver us a potentially life-saving message, right when we need it.

What would happen if they never ran these tests?  What is no one on the staff knew how to put out the national broadcast message?  What if they messed up in a true emergency?  


Do you know where I’m going with this?  (I almost forgot myself)

Don’t wait for a true emergency in your marriage to start nurturing it and making it stronger.  

Don’t wait until it’s too late to become the wife or husband (or person for that matter) that you know you can be.

Don’t take your marriage for granted – it may not be there forever. 

So today, I’m going to give you a little test.  We can call it an exercise (for those with text anxiety). 

Take out your journal and your pen or pencil and let’s dive it. 

(CAUTION:  TANGENT AHEAD -- if you don’t have a journal, you should get one or make one or steal your child’s.  If you want to solve problems in your life or relationship or even create dreams, plans and goals – then you need to get them out of your head and onto paper.  Imagine trying to solve a difficult math problem without writing it down, organizing it and making room for your problem-solving brain cells, so why do you think that you can solve life problems without writing them down --- give in and get a journal)

Write these questions down and then answer them each thoroughly:

  1. If your spouse called me and I asked them to tell me all about YOU – what would they say?
  2. What would you WANT them to say?
  3. Look at the qualities you mentioned in Question 2 – are you living up to these qualities? 
    1. If yes, can you do more? 
    2. If no, then what changes/tweaks do you need to make?
  4. Write 3 intentions for how you will live up to the qualities you want to have each day.

That's it!  Not too bad, right?  

Well - if you really dug in it may have been a tiny bit painful.  But that's okay - but truth and honesty with yourself can be a little painful - but sometimes a little pain can create change and growth!

ACTION CREATES CHANGE.  I would love to hear what action you are taking to create change, comment below and I’ll make sure to reply back to personally!

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