The Best of 2016 in Marriage, Life & Parenting

We’re well into the New Year!

I know some of you are relieved to see 2016 behind us, and I hope all of you are excited for what 2017 is going to bring!

Each year, I like to take some time to reflect on the previous year. Understand the challenges I encountered, remember the good times and process all of the lessons I learned.


I also like to give thanks to all the people and organizations who have taught me these lessons, have helped me to grow through opportunity and challenge and who have helped me create amazing memories.

Today, I would like to thank YOU!

Seriously, I want to wrap you up in a huge hug and let you know how important you are. I can’t even find the words to explain to you how much your presence, feedback, comments and support have meant to me in the last year.

You have challenged me to come up with new materials & solutions every single day, you have challenged me to think outside the box, you have pointed out my mistakes (which I adore) and have also given me heart-warming confirmation that the work I do does make a difference.

Thank you for showing up, taking action to improve your marriage, your life and your family. Thank you for stepping up to the challenges that I sometimes hand you – and thank you for opening up your heart and mind for growth.

Thank you for staying strong and refusing to give up. Lastly, thank you for giving SO MUCH LOVE (even though sometimes you don’t feel it’s reciprocated).

I know you’re out there. I know you are amazing and I’m sending you tons of love!

So this week, I want to take a trip down memory lane with you. I want to share my 10 most well-received articles from 2016. I hope one of them will give you the strength, courage and hope that you need today to continue in your journey and make 2017 the best year yet!

1.      What To Do When You Feel Alone In Your Marriage – Every relationship contains a masculine and feminine energy (regardless of gender). When the energies are unbalanced it can cause confusion and loneliness in marriage – learn what you can do to rebalance your energy.

2.      10 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Relationship (& What To Do About It) (MindBodyGreen) – Learn how to overcome the biggest communication mistakes so that you can strengthen your marriage and stop the communication tornado!

3.      5 Ways To Build Trust In Your Relationship – You may be surprised that trust is the biggest factor in all divorces (and it’s usually not from infidelity). Recognize the signs that your relationship trust is dwindling and figure out how to rebuild. You may also want to check out my two follow-up blogs: Do You Have A Hard Time Trusting Others & Getting Past Betrayal.

4.      Steal These 5 Secrets of Extraordinary Couples (HuffingtonPost) – Master the 5 traits of extraordinary couples and even get action steps to accomplish the traits!

5.      The Secret To Emotional Intimacy – You’ll learn why emotional intimacy is so important (yet so scary) and I give you an exact process for letting your spouse into your emotional house.

6.      3 Simple Steps to Finally Attain a Work-Life Balance – Let go of the guilt, the ‘shoulds’ and the overwhelm in your life by following these three incredibly simple steps.

7.      How Changing My Mindset Saved My Marriage (MindBodyGreen) – A very personal look at my marital struggles and how I made one decision that changed everything.

8.      3 No-Fail Strategies to Achieve All Your Goals (HuffingtonPost) – If you’re not happy in life, it becomes incredibly difficult to be happy in your marriage. That’s why I focus on overcoming habits that hold you back and reaching goals so that you feel accomplished. It’s much easier to love unconditionally when you are at peace with yourself.

9.      The Reasons I Expect Nothing From My Husband (MindBodyGreen) – Expectations can muddy our relationships and create negativity. Learn how to overcome expectations and what to do instead.  

10.  A Simpler Life By The End of The Week – I know overwhelm way to well! For years I fought the battle of too much to do, too little time. ! That’s why these type of blogs are so personal to me. Learn some of my secrets for keeping it simple and ditching the stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

And for an added bonus, here are two of my favorite parenting blogs (although they are from 2015!)

Loving Parenting Parts 1 & 2 - I feel like everywhere I turn I am finding parents who want the best for their kids, but are just struggling. That's why I want to talk to you all today about using brain science to guide your children. 

Enjoy your reading and exploration! I’d love to hear what your favorite article is from 2016 – more importantly, I would love to hear what you’d like to see in 2017, just reply to this e-mail and let me know!

Best in love,