Work Life Balance

A Guide to Living a Happy, Fulfilled & Meaningful Life

Four years ago, I was living in a persistent state of unhappiness. My plate was full – too full.

I was working full-time in a high-level position with a 3 hour daily commute, taking classes to complete my master’s degree, and counseling & coaching 15-20 hours per week. Did I mention I had 2 children under 2 at home and a very underappreciated husband?  Here's what I did to ditch the overwhelm and live a better life...


Why Setting Goals WITH Your Partner is Crucial

So, have you set your New Year resolutions? Are you spinning around excited about all the ideas you have to create your best life ever?

Is your spouse on board with these new goals and aspirations?

As we gear up to reach new goals and aspirations in our lives it is so important to bring our spouses along with us. Better yet – create a goal together.

In this new blog, I’m going to give you 5 questions to help you create a shared meaning and shared goals with your spouse! Read more...

3 Secret No-Fail Strategies to Achieve All Your New Years Goals

It’s that time of year again, when you start to dream and even plan to make 2017 your best year ever. You have a New Year resolution for self-growth, further your education, lose weight, manage your finances better or improve your relationships. You feel excited, motivated and know that it’s not going to be like last year (or the year before, or the year before) – BUT this year, THIS YEAR you are going to achieve all your New Year goals!

You are going to be part of the 8 percent of American that achieve their New Year goals. It’s going to be different this year, and I’ll tell you why. Read more...

A Simpler Life by the End of the Week!

A Simpler Life by the End of the Week!

Do you want it all?  Are you tired of hearing about life-balance?  Well - I have a solution for you, just keep reading....

Loving Parenting: Part 2 [FREE GIFT]

Loving Parenting: Part 2 [FREE GIFT]

So, last week I brought up some parenting tips.  I want you to know that I am not a parenting "expert" - but I am a parent, have read pretty much every parenting book out there, have studied child psychology and follow most of the current research. 


I am part of a momgroup on facebook, where moms ask questions about parenting, relationships, cooking, working, etc.  Just last week, I saw a post that said, "At what age can I start spanking my child?"  I was a little taken back.  I couldn't believe that someone was just waiting for a certain age to start spanking her child.

Being gracious...

Being gracious...

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others" - Cicero

I am a huge believe in gratitude.  I know that it can make a huge difference in our lives, relationships, career and overall happiness.  


Just to give you an idea of what gratitude can do for you, I grabbed this infographicfrom integrative health institute.  


-  Gratitude improves well-being more than doubling you income

-  Those who practice gratitude are well-liked and have better relationships

-  Gratitude helps to improve sleep and lower stress and anxiety

-  Gracious people are more likely to exercise and eat healthier

- Gratitude improves overall happiness!