What You Eat Affects Your Marriage? Huh?

Last week I got the opportunity to interview the amazing Kelly Dawn.  Kelly is an amazing women, who is also mindset & energy coach who helps people shift their beliefs and align their energy with their true desires. 

Together, we talked about what energy is, how energy affects your relationship and even a really cool exercise that you and your spouse can use together to learn more about each other’s energy.  One of the main points I learned is when we have low or bad energy it can reflect in our relationship and our partner.  So here are some awesome tips for raising your energy!  

Keep reading to get all the goods: 

Valerie:  Welcome, Kelly!  I’m so excited about what you can teach us about controlling our energy and using our energy to enhance our relationships

Kelly:  Thanks for having me!  Energy is so important, its the thing that ties us all together.  Once you become aware of other’s energy and the energy in your relationship it can help to enhance your relationship even more. 

Valerie:  So, let’s dive in.  How do you recognize and control your own energy?

Kelly:  First is to be aware that you are always giving off energy – even if your not saying anything.  If you have a heavy energy, where you can cut the tension with a knife – you can feel it in the air.  When you start to notice your own energy you can expand it or shrink it. 

For example, if you feel that there is tension and you are giving off a negative energy, you can imagine that energy in a bubble around you.  Then you can use your imagination to pull the energy tighter to you – so it’s not affecting your partner or others around you.

Valerie:  That’s awesome, I love that there is a way to notice and control your energy.  One thing I always talk to my clients about is how our thoughts can make us mad and then create an unwanted situation with our spouses.  For example, if I know I will be home late and I keep thinking that my husband is going to be mad – then as soon as I walk in the door, I already have poor energy, and even if he isn’t mad, my bad energy will rub off on him. 

Kelly:  Yes, that negative energy can upset someone else very easily.

Valerie:  We should back up for a moment, especially for those like me who aren’t conversant in “energy-talk”.  How would you explain “ENERGY”? 

Kelly:  Great question.  Energy is all around us like the air we breathe- like little particles, how we take care of our physical bodies can affect our energy.   

Valerie:   So we already know that our thoughts can affect our energy, but your also saying our physical bodies affect our energy?

Kelly:  Yes, this is so important – even though we are spiritual being we’re stuck in these bodies, our energy comes from a divine source and something is allowing us to live on this planet.  Engaging in activities like drinking, smoking, fast food – harms our physical bodies and cuts off the connection to our divine energy source.  We can go about our lives and function OK – but once you start doing self-care practices like meditating, eating better, exercising – your energy will rise and so will your intuition.

Valerie:  Are there certain foods that can affect your energy more or less?

Kelly:  Yes – the more raw food the better, this is from my own experience and research.  I got into raw foods in 2005.  Try eating food that is unprocessed as possible…stick with produce and meats.  If you do dairy, dairy can clog things up, but it’s okay for some.  Overall, the more raw fruits and veggies – the better.

Valerie:  So, eating a plant based diet mostly can help raise your energy.  Another thing we notice is that we think others can affect our energy – is this true?

Kelly:  A lot of people say this person made me feel this way or that way.  No they didn’t – it’s how your responding or your own thoughts.  You can feel the other energy, but ultimately it’s your own energy and own thoughts that are causing your feelings.

Valerie:  It’s so true.  I once read that if you are going to a party or a place that you feel uncomfortable in then say to yourself – I love everyone in this room.  Feel the genuine love, you will feel more comfortable and more people will be drawn to you.  This also works in relationships, because it helps you to let go of the small things – when you really appreciate someone.  

Kelly:  That’s great.  Intentions – once you are aware of how powerful you are as a co-creator, then you can make them part of your daily routine.

Valerie:  So earlier, you mentioned there is an exercise that couples can do together to work on their energy and noticing one another’s energy?

Kelly:  There are many different exercises that you can to work with each other’s energy.  It’s truly amazing how accurate you can become once you can practice it together.  Here is one of my favorites: 

Have your partner sit with their back to you.  Then draw imaginary lines on their back, separating the back into the upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left.  Ask you partner to imagine a spot in one of the four quadrants.  Now you feel around the area and try to guess which quadrant your partner is thinking about.  Usually, you will feel a warmth or heat of some sort. 

Valerie:  I love all this information that you have given to us.  I’ve always believed that in order to have great relationships we need to be attuned to ourselves, our bodies, emotions and thoughts.  I can see how this energy work can really help us take that attunement to ourselves and our partner to a whole new level!  Thanks again Kelly!

Kelly:  Thank you Valerie!

If you would like to learn more about Kelly and her work, please visit her at www.iamkellydawn.com.