Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out
— Robert Collier

I used to be an 'ALL OR NOTHING' type of person.  If I couldn't work-out for 60-minutes a day, then I just wouldn't work out.  If I couldn't afford the luxury vacation I dreamed of, then I just wouldn't go on vacation.  If I couldn't change a bad situation overnight, I would just learn to live with it.

Now - I'm an action taker.  I take small steps every single day to reach my goals.

When I made this adjustment, I started reaching new goals every day! 

It's the same for your relationships and marriages.  You can take small steps each and every day and completely transform your marriage in a couple of months - or even weeks! 

That's why I have created THE PASSIONATE MARRIAGE DAILY CHECKLIST.  Grab the FREE CHECKLIST HERE so you can print it, hang it and start checking off the boxes!  

Here are the 7 habits you can take every single day to start seeing amazing shifts in your marriage and life:

  1. Text your spouse 3 things you are grateful for every morning.  When you start your day with gratitude, the rest of your day will go smoother.  Additionally, when you share these moments of gratitude with your spouse you learn more about each other, appreciate your life together more, and always have something to talk about!
  2. Say thank you and show appreciation ever chance you get.  In the daily rush of life, we often forget to appreciate our spouses.  Instead of only noticing what they did wrong today, notice every small thing they did right.  When a person feels appreciated for what they have done - they do it more!
  3. Embrace 2 times a day for at least 30-seconds.  Long hugs are proven to lower blood pressure and stress, releases oxytocin (the happy hormone), and builds a feeling of connection and belongingness.  Amazing!  Who knew a simple act could be so beneficial.
  4. Ask your spouse a question about their goals, dreams or desires each day.  It can be tough to come up with new and deep conversations when you are with the same person for so many years.  So here are some ideas about questions that you can ask to really connect every day.
  5. Kiss passionately at least 1 time per day.  Passionate kisses can lower stress, decrease cholesterol and increase trust in your relationship.  Also, many studies show that couples who passionately kiss often generally have happier and healthier relationships.
  6. Focus only on your spouse for 15 minutes every day.  Learn to focus and tune into your spouse by facing one another and making eye contact when speaking.   This all-in approach shows your partner respect, while deepening connection and trust in your relationship.
  7. Write down 3 qualities that you admire about yourself and 3 qualities that you admire about your partner.  Self-love and reminding yourself why you fell in-love with your partner will improve your attitude towards one another every day.  Also, keep this list handy because it will help you overcome anger more quickly!

Remember to do each of these 7 steps every single day to see drastic and life-long transformations in your relationship.  Don't forget to grab your FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST here. 


Is there anything else you do every day that keeps your relationship strong?  Let me know!