Ahh...SNNNOOOWWW!!  We received over 36 inches of snow between Friday afternoon and Saturday night.  We are still digging out!  (are you tired of me talking about weather yet?)

I have to admit that before the snow came - I was very worried about what we would do while we were stuck in the house for 3-4 days!  

I'm happy to report, my husband, kids and I have had a ball.  No one has gone crazy yet!  

This did remind me that we sometimes have to be creative and open to keep our relationships fun and passionate.  

So, today I just want to send this short note to give you these 8 Hacks for a Passion Filled Marriage.  If you're stuck in the snow too - it's a great time to put these to use.  Just click here to get these tips!

Even if you aren't housebound - use the tips still!

Click the picture below to download and don't forget to share with your spouse, family and friends!