Prevention for your Marriage

Yes, you need prevent disease in your marriage - just as much as you do in your mind and body!  

It's preventative medicine for your marriage! 

Prevention is soo much easier than treatment - rather your talking about a physical, mental or relationship problem. 

Studies show that most couples wait until they have been unhappy in their relationship for 6 YEARS before seeking help!

I don't get it!  WHY?  Why suffer for 6 years in an unhappy relationship, when there are so many resources to help your marriage today?  Why not get in front of the ball - and start preventing relationship challenges NOW?


1.   No marriage is immune. I'm a marriage counselor who has been helping people for more than 40 years. The fact that I know a lot didn't keep me from going through a divorce. If people like me need support and advice, everyone would benefit from premarital counseling. —Dr. Jed Diamond

2. Seeking help before things get bad beats the alternative. Premarital coaching or early marriage coaching is better than post-marital misunderstandings and divorce. —Dr. Jed Diamond (

3.  Marriage education, training, and coaching programs significantly strengthened the marriages of couples that have taken advantage of such programs. These studies--integrating findings from well over 100 separate evaluations--show that a wide variety of marriage-strengthening programs can reduce strife, improve communication, increase parenting skills, increase stability, and enhance marital happiness. (Fagan, Patterson & Rector)


4.  An extensive review of the literature on the effectiveness of marital counseling/coaching in preventing separation and divorce found dozens of studies demonstrating that counseling was effective in reducing conflict and increasing marital satisfaction. (Fagan, Patterson & Rector)


5.  Couples who sought pre-marital or early marriage coaching maintained higher levels of relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction and lower problem intensity three years after training. (Fagan, Patterson & Rector)

6.  Conflict Resolution.  When problems arise, and they will, how will you work together to solve them? How will you deal with each other when you have a heated argument? Premarital & early marriage coaching will teach you ways to successfully resolve conflicts and help you set ground rules that you both agree to before any problems arise (

7.  Long-term Goals.  What are your career prospects and how will this affect your marriage? When do you want to retire? How do you envision your lifestyle together? What are your most important goals? By discussing these questions prior to marriage, you can avoid finding out that your goals are not aligned at all. Most couples will have discussed these things before setting a wedding date, but they’re still important enough to cover once more.  (

Don't be miserable for 6 years - be proactive and get the tools you need for an amazing marriage today!

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Marriage and Welfare Reform: The Overwhelming Evidence that Marriage Education Works By Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D., Robert W. Patterson and Robert Rector