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Holidays, In-Laws and Beer, oh my!

Holidays, In-Laws and Beer, oh my!

Speaking of family get-togethers….the holidays are right around the corner.  And you know what that means – lots of food, gifts, receiving, thoughtfulness, new beginning and a lot of time with your in-laws!   

The first fights couples have around this time of year is – whose family gets which holiday.  I can remember many fights my husband and I had about this, especially after we had kids.  There is a lot of guilt associated to spending time without your family on holidays, and sometimes a lot of stress associated with spending time with your in-laws family (or vice versa).  In any case, it’s important that you and your spouse get on the same page. Here are three tips for doing just that!

10 Signs Your Marriage Is On Thin Ice

You love your partner, but you're not feeling “in love” anymore. You're fighting more and playing less. Your conversations are about bills and kids and work rather than dreams and goals and vacations.

What happened?

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