4 Secrets to Get Your Husband To Open Up

“My husband doesn’t like to talk. He is very closed off and I don’t really know how to get him to open up.”

I hear this so often from both men and women.  There is usually one partner who is more verbal and likes to talk a lot and one partner who is more intrinsic and tends to deal with things internally.  Learn how to deal with it here...

This Powerful Secret of Amazing Couples....

This Powerful Secret of Amazing Couples....

Learn the #1 reason for divorces and unhappy marriages - and what you can do about it!



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I Have A Dream....For Your Marriage...

I Have A Dream....For Your Marriage...

Reflecting on the day, I got curious and started looking up some of Martin Luther King, Jr's famous quotes…other than, "I have a dream…"  So many of his quotes really speak to how we should live every day.  He truly is an inspirational man. 

One of my favorite quotes I found from MLK, Jr. is, "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." 

So true in life and especially in marriage....

Stop Complaining...

Stop Complaining...

Making this one change in the way you communicate - can start bringing you wealth in your relationship, life and home. 

Fight Less & Connect More Part IV: Feeling Heard & Understood In Your Marriage

How many times do you walk away from an argument with your spouse and think, "He had no clue what I was saying" or "She didn't really listen to me".

If you are like 90 percent of other couples - probably a lot!

It can be really difficult to truly communicate with your spouse (or anyone for that matter).  Often, we think that we are being very clear - but in reality, our message is jumbled.

The trick to truly feeling heard and understood in your marriage is two-fold: 

Fight Less & Connect More Part III: Top 12 Communication Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Marriage & What To Do Instead

Although I could feel the hair on the back of my neck start to rise when my husband asked about plans for Thanksgiving -  I was pleasantly surprised when we managed to keep it together.  

We were able to use all of the communication skills we have been practicing for years to finally overcome one of our biggest holiday challenges!  It was actually pretty amazing!!

Fight Less & Connect More Part II: Listening vs. Hearing

Did you know that we spend 40% of our day listening to others?  And only 25% of that time are we being effective listeners.  This means that 75% of what we hear goes in one ear and out the other.  Imagine how much better our relationships would be, if we heard the other 75% of what our spouse said to us. 

Learn what you can do to be a more effective listener, and how it can be a game-changer in your marriage...

Fight Less & Connect More Part I: Foundations Of Communication In Your Marriage

Developing great communication skills in your marriage (and really in life) may be the key to your marital satisfaction!  If you feel that the communication in your marriage could use some help, you are not alone.  90 percent of couples state that communication is their #1 challenge. 

For this, I am so excited to present you with this four piece series about communication.  I intend to give you lots of free tools to use, so that you can start fighting less in your marriage, start feeling understood more, and start connecting more!

Tune in now...

Tune in now...

Here is a quick and simple strategy to use to bring more intimacy and closeness to your marriage.

10 Signs Your Marriage Is On Thin Ice

You love your partner, but you're not feeling “in love” anymore. You're fighting more and playing less. Your conversations are about bills and kids and work rather than dreams and goals and vacations.

What happened?

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