Getting Past Betrayal

Have you ever felt lonely, distant and angry in your marriage.  You’ve thought about separation because you were so unhappy – but then you rationalize that things aren’t really that bad.


There’s no abuse, your spouse is a good person overall, he/she is a good parent…so why are you feeling so stuck and hopeless?

Maybe you actually push your spouse further away hoping they will give you do something bad enough that you’ll have an excuse to leave.  Or conversely, you are trying to push towards your spouse – just to have them push you away and the distance grows…you become more lonely and hurt…you feel unsafe…

5 Ways To Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship

5 Ways To Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship

“Love is weakest when there is more doubt than trust.  Love is strongest when we learn to trust in spite of doubt”  - Unknown

Often when the topic of trust comes up our brains go straight to infidelity.  However, trust in most marriages is broken way before an affair – it is broken through out daily interactions.

Trust is broken when we don’t meet our partner’s emotional needs.  It is broken when we come home late from work after promising to be on time.  It is broken when we choose our parent’s or friend’s interests over the interest of the relationship.