It's Time To Create a Marriage & Life That YOU DESIRE!

Success in marriage is not about perfect communication, hard work and date nights.  Success in marriage is about building (or rebuilding) a solid foundation of trust, intimacy and friendship through understanding you and your husband's needs, desires, beliefs and passions. 

Are you feeling hopeless about your marriage?  Are you tired of feeling unappreciated and undervalued in your marriage?  Do you want to be understood, have your needs of security and love met, and reignite the passion and intimacy back in your marriage?


Before coaching, I felt hopeless, helpless and powerless. Now I am full of excitement for the present and future, have the tools to endeavor confidently in the direction of my dreams and know that I am powerful beyond what I’d ever imagined. Before coaching, my life felt completely out of my control. I felt like I’d been sucked up into a tornado of busyness that I’d never be able to escape. Now I have the ability to prioritize and be fully present in my life, and to enjoy my life and family, which I had not been doing prior to coaching. I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far. It’s impossible to put a price on that. Valerie, You have truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever.” Gina S., Wife, Mother of 3 and Successful Business Woman (and now an entrepreneur!)

I get it- I've been there.

My husband and I have been together for over 12 years and he is truly my best friend.  In the beginning of our relationship we travelled together, enjoyed each others company, and could not stand to be away from one another.  I was sure I had met my soulmate and our love would never change!

Skip forward to successful careers, one child and some huge life obstacles, and I felt more lonely than ever.  We were constantly fighting about the same thing over and over and could not seem to breakthrough or even agree to disagree.

We stopped spending time together and sometimes did not even know what to talk about besides our children.  We still had sex, but it was not passionate.

Finally, I used my years of experience and knowledge in relationships and marriage to start recreating our marriage.  Now - we enjoy each other again.  We have fun, we communicate well and we are more "in-love" today than when we got married.


Are You Ready to Find Hope, Love & Adoration Again?

It's time to think differently.  It's time to stop following the conventional rules of marriage.  get ready to experience a real life and marriage transformation.

From the start of the first session with Valerie we knew we had made the right choice. We feel confident about what life will bring us and I can attribute a lot of that to Valerie
— Rachel S.

Imagine this...

  • Everywhere you go, people ask if you and your spouse are newlyweds because they can see the love you have for one another.  They envy your marriage.
  • You wake up every morning with excitement to see and spend time with you spouse because he makes you feel incredibly adored and loved.
  • When other women are complaining about their marriages and what "HARD WORK" it is, you are quiet and grateful that you now know how fun and exciting your marriage is.
  • You have an incredible sense of confidence and accomplishment because you know that you can face anything with the support and love of your spouse.  You are a better parent, excelling in your career and finding your passion because you are no longer wasting precious energy on 'fixing' your marriage. 
  • Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are no longer in your vocabulary because you NOW have the tools and techniques to create more space and time in your life and mind.
  • The conversations you have with your spouse are filled with understanding, passion and connection while you design your dream life together.
  • You are excited about life again and have the confidence you need to move towards your ultimate purpose.

Now stop imagining and let me show you how to have all of these things...

 I genuinely felt after meeting Valerie that we had absolutely made the right choice and that my wife and I would benefit greatly from the sessions that we had with her.  I’m not the most talkative of people when it comes to family issues, but from the start, a comfortable and open environment was established by Valerie. It felt good to talk about a variety of topics throughout, and allowed us to work on our relationship more than ever before.  I felt that Valerie really cared about our development throughout with her activities and strategies.
— John S.

My program goes way beyond communication skills, going on date nights and fair fighting...

Although I will teach you these things - I focus on building the foundation you need in your marriage for passion, intimacy and long-lasting love.

Here's just a few things I've helped my clients with:

  • Understand your inner desires and needs so that you can learn how to create your own happiness and then teach your spouse how to make you feel adored and loved.
  • Create calm, peace and presence in their lives so you can make time for the important things in your life and truly live life the way you desire.
  • Reignite the passion and intimacy in your marriage and in your life so you can quit 'talking about it' and start 'living it!'
  • Learn how to understand your spouse, their thoughts and behaviors - and gain the tools and experience to help you connect with them when they need it the most.
  • Understand how to take responsibility for your actions, beliefs and thoughts and become more empathetic so that you can start transforming your relationship with your spouse (and others) from the inside out.

I know what you are thinking...

This may work for other people or other couples but my marriage is too far down the tubes.  Maybe you are even thinking that divorce is an easier option.  IT'S NOT!  The longer you wait to change your marriage, the harder it will become (although still possible), and divorce is never the easier way out.  It costs tons of emotional and bank-account drainage - and the effects it has on children is real and serious.

You may be afraid to get help because you are worried about judgments, what others will think - or maybe you think you can fix it yourself.  I get it.  I've been there.  But, let me remind you that I had every single marriage tool in my toolbox - and I couldn't change my marriage alone.  It took me years, various counselors and tons of research before I developed this system to save my own marriage.  Don't waste that valuable time trying to 'do it yourself'.  Fear is the reptilian part of your brain that doesn't want you to change.  Don't let that fear hold you back from happiness.

I know what it's like to live in a passionless and hopeless marriage, but I also know what it's like to live in an intimate marriage where I have a partner that adores me and supports me in life.  I want you to have that too.

It's Your Turn!  If you're ready to feel adored, appreciated and fulfilled in life and love, then click the button below and we'll have a conversation.


90 Day

1-on-1 Private Coaching

Program for Individuals or Couples

Although your program will be personalized for your own needs, here are some major topics that we will cover:

  • Building trust and intimacy in your relationship through understanding one another's needs and learning how to deal with and let go of past resentments and barriers.
  • Learning how to understand and express your emotions and feelings so that you can communicate better and reconnect on a deeper and more passionate level.
  • Overcoming challenges in the areas of in-laws, blended families, sex, money and more.
  • Developing an action plan and taking steps to reach your individual and family goals while creating a marriage mission and ensuring you are maintaining your independence while nurturing your marriage.
  • Understand the value of taking responsibility and shifting your mindset and beliefs to help you create the life and marriage you desire, including tools for helping you make this shift as quickly as possible.
  • For couples:  A thorough online assessment that pinpoints current challenges and barriers that you may not have recognized, so that we can jump into the process with little time spent on assessing and more time spent on action and moving forward!

 The Coaching Program Includes:

  • Two-Hour Intensive Coaching Session (via phone or Skype):  During this session we will assess your current relationship status, understand your challenges and create an action plan for success.  .
  • Five -Ten Coaching Sessions (45-60 min):   Together you will breakthrough your current challenges, practice healthy communication, understand one another’s needs and how to meet them.  You will become experts at emotional and sexual intimacy.  Lastly, you will begin to create and implement an action plan for keeping your marriage extraordinary for decades to come.
  • Check-in Skype Session:   Change takes time and effort.  We will follow up together within 90-days of our last call to see how things are going and make any needed tweaks. 
  • Unlimited E-Mail Support:  During our 2-3 months together things will come up that just can’t wait until our next session.  I am happy to help and offer unlimited e-mail support during our 3 months together.
  • Exclusive Resources and Activities:   You do have to be dedicated to working through this program.  I have created amazing resources that I will be sharing with you throughout out time together.  Also, you will have a chance to practice everything you learn and create a closer bond throughout the week with my hand-picked activities. 

Ready to get started?

Step 1:  Apply for the program here, and I will follow-up with you to schedule a complimentary 45-minute discovery session.

Step 2:  During the call we will get clear on your needs, I will offer you at least 1 or 2 actionable steps and we'll see if we are a good fit for coaching.

Step 3:  If we're a good fit and you are ready to make the best decision of your life, then we schedule your first session!

Step 4:  We will work together and watch your marriage and your life transform.

I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.
— Gina S.



Private 1-on-1 Coaching for Couples or individuals

90-day Program

6 Easy Monthly Payments of $350

$1,900 USD Paid in Full (Save $200)

Still unsure?

Most couples wait go through 6 years of an unhappy marriage before seeking counseling.  By this time it could be too late.  Obviously the best time to go through marriage counseling or coaching is before you get married - but the second best time is NOW! 

Imagine having a marriage that others envy.  Imagine wanting to come home to your partner every day and being able to have fun again!  Imagine being able to communicate openly and honestly, love passionately, and have a deep enduring trust for one another.

Why live through 6 years of misery!  Start creating the change now!

Just click below to set up a free 1-hour discovery call to see how I can help and if we are a good fit.