The Power Hour Cure

Click Here to Download Day 5 Exercise

We are here – Module 5!  I’m so proud of you for sticking to it.  You truly are amazing and I know the time that you have been putting into this challenge is going to help you create a life and relationship that you love. 

Let's dive in....

Last month you got pretty upset with your hubby because he went over budget and bought a new car speaker without talking to you about it first.

Then two weeks ago he forgot to take the trash out and you had to run it outside in the pouring rain as you were trying to get the kids off to school.

Just last week you had planned on a romantic date night, only to be notified by your husband at the last minute that he had an important business meeting.

Yesterday - you blew up at your husband and started yelling at him because he forgot to close the garage door.

Argh - this is what happens when you let little things (or big things) build up without talking about them and coming to closure.  We hold on to our emotions until we finally just burst - and anyone in our path better watch out.

Or worse yet, we continue to hold on to our emotions, hiding them and start slowly withdrawing and becoming distant from our spouse.

Don't let that happen.  I am giving you the Power Hour Cure (click here for the printable version).  I want you to practice this and do it once a week until you become an expert.

Once you’ve watched the video and completed the exercise, grab your journal and answer the following four questions.  

  1. What is something you learned that you didn't know before?
  2. What is something you re-learned?  (you had known - but it hit you in a different way)
  3. What is something that surprised you?
  4. What is something you are intrigued by and want to think about it more?

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Once your done with this session - make sure to check out the WRAP IT UP session!!   Also, if you have a couple minutes I would love to get some feedback from you - just click here to take this super quick survey!

Best in Love,