Episode 42: The 6 Myths That Are Sabotaging Relationships Everywhere

Could your expectations and beliefs be sabotaging your relationship? 

What’s generally accepted in society - isn’t always what’s best for your relationship. In fact, these 6 common beliefs could be sabotaging your relationship! 

Join me in the Heal To Transform podcast today, as I break down 6 HUGE MYTHS that could be hurting your relationship. 

Here’s a sneak peak of MYTH #1: Love is all you need for a great relationship!

Sorry - the Beatles were WRONG!

This is just one of the lies that society tells us...ever since we were little girls. Love IS NOT ALL you need - it’s just a piece of the healthy relationship puzzle.

The sad part is that this lie teaches us that we don’t have to work on our relationships - that they should just be easy. 

The truth is...our relationship is just like the aromatic and green basil plant sitting above the sink in my kitchen. 

When it gets sunlight, and I water it just the right amount every single day - it grows and flourishes, and provides me with a minty, fresh, sweet and savory flavor whenever I need it. 

But...if I didn’t give that plant attention, water, and sunlight - it would wilt, the leaves would turn brown and start to fall off, and eventually it would die away. 

You get this right!?

We are told that all relationships take are love - so at some point, once we get comfortable in our marriages and relationships - we stop feeding the love, we stop watering the relationship, we stop nourishing our partner….

...and then what happens…

...The relationship wilts away…

...we stop feeling “in-love”...

...we constantly fighting, hoping to finally get attention from our partner…

...we just completely withdraw, believing it is easier then the feeling of rejection or hurt…

This is just one of the 6 MYTHS, one of the 5 B.S. “rules” that society has preached and that is making our relationships wilt away. 

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This podcast will tell you about the sabotaging beliefs and lies about relationships - then the workshop is going to break down the 5 secrets to creating an Epic relationship. 

It’s the perfect pairing!

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