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Episode 47: (Part 2 of 2) 5 Days to Improve the Communication & Connection in Your Marriage

Last week you took part in Steps 1 through 3 of the 5 Steps to Improve the Communication and connection in your marriage. 

Now, at your request, Steps 4 & 5 are ready for you!!

You're about to get all of these benefits in this special two-part podcast: How To Improve the Communication & Connection in Your Marriage in 5 Steps!

In Part 2, you are going to discover...

  • Understand internal and external boundaries and how healthy boundaries can save your marriage.

  • Learn how let go of fears, big emotions, and defensiveness that is keeping you stuck.

  • Get the 4 reasons most women stay stuck, hopeless, and lost in relationship and how to move past these mistakes.

  • Discover the True Love & Connection framework that will help you repair and revive any marital or relationship challenge.

Make sure to listen to this ASAP, because it's a limited release podcast and it's going down on August 27th!

Episode 46: (Part 1 of 2) 5 Days To Improve the Communication & Connection In Your Marriage

How To Improve Your Communication So That You Can Feel Heard, Understood & Connected To Your Spouse

(without arguments, hurt feelings and defensiveness)


  • My exact steps to improve the communication and connection in your marriage quickly (even if your husband does nothing).

  • How to get your husband to open up more, so that you can connect deeper and lern more about each other, yourself and your relationship.

  • The exact words and attitude you must have to feel heard, understood, and supported after every conversation (without arguing, defensiveness & hurt feelings)

  • Break the dangerous communication cycles that keep you stuck in misunderstanding, high emotions and disconnection.

Episode 35: 25-Minute Relationship Reboot

Is it possible to transform your marriage in 25-minutes? (without your partner even knowing?)

Passionate, loving relationships ARE NOT created by learning great communication, weekly date nights, or mastering “secret” intimacy skills.

Because even if you know all of these things, you usually don’t do them.  

We’re smart women - we know we’re not “supposed” to nag or scream at our husband.

We know we’re not “supposed” to think he’s a lazy, selfish jerk.

We know we’re not “supposed” to imagine how our lives and marriages would be so much better if he would just change (or magically become Channing Tatum)

We know we’re “supposed” to say things like “I feel…” and “So, what I heard was…”

We know we can’t control our husbands - but, boy, do we try!

It’s not your fault.

Your brain isn’t wired for passionate, healthy and happy relationships.

Your brain is wired to protect you. And it will do whatever it can to keep any potential rejection or pain far, far away.

Your brain will do some extreme things to keep you safe - stuff like trying to control your partner, tricking you to believe there’s something better out there, unleashing the anger, and telling you not to trust or fully love your partner - because eventually...he’ll hurt you.

Unfortunately, all of these tactics are the exact thing creating distance, resentment, and unhappiness in relationships.

And, until we reprogram our brain to realize that it’s safe to fully committing to and deeply loving our partners - we’ll continue to push the passion away.

We’ll continue to stay disconnected, and feel like roommates.

So, what if you could teach your brain how to react with love, how to create passion, and how to let go of blame, control and resentments?

What if you could do this in less than 25-minutes, even if the relationship’s been struggling for years?

Join me for my free, 25-Minute Relationship Reboot. Your chance to reprogram your relationship mindset using the 5 simple steps I teach inside my paid program.

These 5-steps can help you fix any relationship challenge, and will also help you to feel more loved, adored and appreciated.

Episode 29: The Life-Changing Magic of the Epic Relationship Framework!

Today is the day that you say NO to feeling underappreciated, undesired, and plain stressed out.

Today is the day that you say NO to lackluster relationship, and you stop holding yourself back from true happiness and epic love.

If you are struggling or feeling stagnant in your relationship and you’ve tried everything but feel like nothing works - then it’s time to harness the power of your mindset and your brain to start creating change from the inside out.

The problem is that we are looking outside for the greatest communication tricks, the latest “relationship fix” book, or a blog that will magically fix our relationship. But, the truth is these things won’t work until you shift your mindset and neuro-hack your brain for incredible inner and outer love.

Epic Relationship Framework (TM)

Epic Relationship Framework (TM)

Your mindset impacts everything in your life - especially your relationship.How you respond to your partner, how you communicate, how close you feel to your partner, and how much you allow yourself to be cherished and adored.

The difference between those who continue to struggle in their relationships and those who break the pattern and reinvent their marriage is this:

They understand how their brain, thoughts, emotions and behaviors are affecting their relationship

Over the last week, I released a 5-part FREE video series that broke down a powerful framework that will reprogram your mind and help you create a relationship where you feel heard, understood and desired.

And today, Wendy and I are going to hand it to you - cliff notes style!!

If you want to truly create happiness and transformation in your relationship - then this is where you MUST start...because if your brain is operating off old patterns and sabotaging beliefs...then there’s no chance for change.

P.S. If you are ready to create major transformation in your relationship - check out the Relationship Mindset Bootcamp!!  Click here to learn more.

P.S. If you are ready to create major transformation in your relationship - check out the Relationship Mindset Bootcamp!! Click here to learn more.

In this episode you will…

  • Understand why your brain doesn’t want you or your relationship to change, and how to get around this.

  • Get the 4 keys to creating an Epic relationship and life.

  • How your unspoken thoughts may be destroying the connection between you and your partner and how to change it immediately.

  • Learn why you have a hard time controlling emotions in your relationship and what you can do about it so you can stop the arguments and truly start connecting.

  • And much more…


The Relationship Mindset Challenge All Access Page (Waitlist after April 20, 2019)

The Relationship Mindset Bootcamp

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Episode 28: The 8 Magical Letters That Will Change Your Marriage Forever!

How Strengthening Your Communication Adds More Fun & Passion Back Into Your Marriage

Great communication is the foundation to any amazing relationship - and this is no different for your marriage. Unfortunately, 90% of couples state that communication is their biggest problem.

The problem is that our brains are wired to protect us and often go into fight or flight at the first signs of trouble in an intimate relationship - which makes “healthy” communication really tough.

Luckily, we can learn to manage this reaction - and help our partners manage their reactions - with some simple skills. Once you learn these skills, your communication and connection will become sooo much deeper!

Listen now….

P.S. Don’t forget to save your spot for the FREE 5-DAY VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: 5-Days To Feel Heard, Understood and DESIRED in Your Relationship/Marriage.  Click here.

P.S. Don’t forget to save your spot for the FREE 5-DAY VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: 5-Days To Feel Heard, Understood and DESIRED in Your Relationship/Marriage. Click here.

In this episode you will:

  • Discover exactly what makes your partner heat up with anger or become cold as ice and close off and how to change the pattern.

  • You’ll learn the single driver that is causing communication difficulties.

  • You’ll get the magic “LUVE PINS” potion that will help you avoid arguments, get your needs met, and connect intimately to your partner.

  • And, if you listen closely - you’ll hear one technique that my husband created, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND : )


FREEBIE: LUVE PINS Communication Cards

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE LUVE PINS Cards!  Just click here to download.

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE LUVE PINS Cards! Just click here to download.