Episode 38: Is the Fear of Rejection Holding You Back?

In this episode of the Heal To Transform podcast we’re diving into one of the biggest fears that may be holding you back from living your epic life….

When this fear shows up it may cause some seriously sabotaging behavior like numbing yourself, shame, people-pleasing, avoiding success, playing small, and losing out on amazing connection.

It’s my biggest fear, and one that I’ve been working hard to overcome.

It’s the Fear of Rejection….and if this is one of your fears too then you’ll want to listen to this episode of the Heal to Transform podcast, as we lay out 7 hacks to overcome so you can start playing BIG and living your dream life!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Pretending that other people’s opinions don’t matter doesn’t work - we talk about WHY!

  • How getting clear on your values and you “WHY” may be the biggest asset to moving past the fear of rejection.

  • Why your past experiences are strengthening your fear, and how to move forward.

  • The secret to leaving fear at the door when you are meeting new people, stepping outside of your box, or want to create new connections.

  • How long it takes to actually change your negative thoughts and fears into empowering thoughts that drive you to action and success.

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This weeks question is:

Question: Which of the 7 hacks are you going to try out this week when the fear of rejection pops into your life?

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Episode 18: The 4 BIG Sabotaging Fears & How To Break FREE

I’ve come to find after years of working with clients to heal their past so they can overcome their fears and blocks - that there are four main fears that are keeping you stuck.

If you can discover these fears - and start to push past them - you open up a whole new world for yourself.

You stop holding yourself back.

So - I’m going to give you the FOUR biggest fears and give you an example of each - then I’m going to break down some simple ways to push past your fears.

Often - all it takes to rewire your brain for success is the learning experience - the knowledge that you gain - this new knowledge creates new connections in your brain. And this knowledge will set you up for change and EPIC growth!! Dive into this podcast, it’s going to be so incredible!

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