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You are a mom, a wife, a leader.  You are overwhelmed.

You are career-driven and want to make a difference.  You are a leader and an innovator.  More importantly, you are a wife, a mother and a friend.  You are the maker of dinner, the folder of laundry and the chauffeur of kids.  You have it all - including stress, guilt and anxiety.

Something has to give.

This is where I come in!  I am Valerie Kolick, a powerful life & relationship coach who works with extraordinarily driven moms.  Together, we create innovative strategies to help you work smarter (not harder), reach your most aspirational goals, create more family and fun time, and remove the stress, guilt and anxiety from your life.


Better yet, you can have it all without the overwhelm and guilt!  As a mother of two toddlers who has bypassed all expectations in the corporate world, has created a thriving business and still has time for my amazing relationship with my husband, children and family - I know that it is possible.


WARNING:  This program is not for the weak at heart.  If you are not willing to dig deep, feel uncomfortable at times, think big, stop making excuses, and start living an extraordinary life - then I am NOT the coach for you.

From the start of the first session with Valerie I knew we had made the right choice. She has a way of putting you at ease and leaving all judgements aside. She also had a way of using own life stories to tie into different situations that were brought up. We feel confident about what life will bring us and I can attribute a lot of that to Valerie.
— Rachel Scmidt, Client

BUT...If you are a smart, driven woman, who:

  • knows your family is the priority
  • wants to fulfill your purpose in life and succeed as a leader
  • wants to get rid of anxiety, guilt and stress
  • is willing to dig deep inside of yourself and feel uncomfortable
  • wants to be more productive, find more time for fun and really LIVE your life

Then, you are in the right place - and I am the coach FOR YOU


You can't afford not to.  You and your family deserve to have a life full of passion, fun and purpose.

Here is what you will gain in the 90-day Life Harmony Program:

  • One on one, individualized coaching so that you can find your true passions and your personal path of growth, success and joy
  • The one and only, powerful 7 Step Life Harmony System (TM) that provides you a roadmap to true success, relaxation and happiness at home and at work.  The roadmap is done for you, so you can put your energy into creating new and innovative ideas for your own life.
  • Assessments to help you quickly identify your core values, passion and priorities so you can focus on creating change and harmony, spend more time with your family, and become more efficient and successful.
  • Access to secrets of creating The Vision Manifestation Book (TM).  I provide you with the tools to create the powerful Vision Manifestation Book (better and more effective than any vision board) so that you can start visualizing and taking proactive steps towards you desired life
  • Tools to increase the satisfaction of your relationships.  Relationships are the #1 predictor of a happy (or misery) filled life.  These relationship building tools will enrich your relationship with your husband, children, family and friends and in turn create more joy and success in your life and THEIR lives.
  • Practical, research-based hacks to de-clutter your mind, body, home and calendar, so that you can thrive in all areas of your life, reduce stress and anxiety greatly and become more efficient.  In essence, you will create more time in your life for what is important - and start enjoying it more!
  • Restructuring of your conscious and subconscious thoughts in order to diminish guilt, stress and anxiety from your life and create more peace, love and gratitude.  Stop feeling overwhelmed and start thriving!
  • Parenting expertise and tips to ensure your children are truly happy, healthy and well...just amazing!
  • Processes for creating more wealth, abundance and prestige without sacrificing your family, life or health.
  • Techniques for diminishing stress and anxiety, such as meditation and mindfulness, so that you can live a fully present life, sharpen your focus and increase creativity.
  • Leadership and management techniques for women to create confidence, raise your worth in business, create change and truly make a difference.
Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
— Chris Grosser

You can't afford to sacrifice you health, relationships, family and sanity in the efforts to excel in your career or purpose.  You can have it all, but you need to take control and find harmony in your life.  The 7-Step Life Harmony System will help you to live the life you desire, surpass your career expectations, gain abundance enjoy amazing relationships, and find your joy again!

I have been to therapist most of my life, but I have never made such huge changes than in the past two months I’ve been working with you.
— T.F

The Results!

After the first session you will experience instant shifts in your mindset and emotions.    By the end of the second month, stress, anxiety and guilt will start melting away while you gain clarity and more time in your day.  You will start to recreate more fun and success in your life, while enhancing your relationships with your spouse and children by the end of the second month.  At the end of the 90-days, you will have enhanced confidence in all areas of your life, you will experience more joy and relaxation, you will be more creative and innovative, you will be more productive than ever.  You will have created a new life-path that creates abundance, joy and success.


Imagine - you just hit another milestone in your career, 12 months ahead of schedule.  Then you realize that not only did you reach this goal early, but it was easier than you thought.  You actually had fun doing it and you had the energy and time to enjoy your spouse and children.  You did not get overwhelmed or stressed out. 

Imagine that your health, finances, family and career are all skyrocketing and getting better every day.  Imagine feeling control over your day and your emotions.  Imagine using all your skills, talents, strength, intelligence and creativity to design the life you desire.   Stop imagining and take action now - because you can live this using the 7-Step Life Harmony System.


90-Day Life Harmony Coaching Program Includes:

  • 1 on 1 weekly, powerful coaching sessions via skype (50-75 min)
  • Unlimited e-mail contact throughout the 90-days
  • Access to the Life Harmony Member's Only Strategy Kit

1 Payment of $1500 or 3 payments of $550


So you are still on the fence?  I can understand.  Coaching is a huge investment in yourself.  Taking action and making changes in your life is not for the faint of heart.  I will challenge you to step out of your box, you will feel uncomfortable sometimes - you may even greatly dislike me at times.  But, I promise that you will make tremendous strides in your business and life. 

You always have a choice.  You can stay where you are, struggling to get through each day and prove your worth.  Or you can invest in yourself, your family and your health - take a leap and start living the life you deserve. 

In any case, I want you to have all the facts, so if you want to talk through this or want a sneak preview - let's chat. 

Just click below to set up a free, no obligation 60-minute discovery session.