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Before the Forgive To Transform program, I struggled with lots of resentments and anger in my relationships and through past hurts. Now I have a deeper and more loving relationship with my husband and family and I have discovered so much about myself that has healed me in countless ways. I feel liberated and free from my past.” - Renee Dolphin

My life is completely and totally different!

My life is completely and totally different.  It’s impossible to find words to express the profoundness of the changes that have taken place, or my excitement for those that will take place in the future.  I went from feeling like a failure to knowing that I am a good wife and Mom, who will strive every day to be better and the very best I can be.  I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure, and have learned that I always have a choice.  Mental and emotional chaos has been replaced with the ability to be mindful, feel at peace and be guided by my intuition.  I went from feeling directionless to knowing exactly what my purpose is in life.  I could not in my wildest dreams have imagined that I could become the woman I am today. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable.  Prior to having this experience, I likely would not have invested in myself in such a way, in terms of both time and money, but now I know it is worth so much more than the cost of the course and the time and effort required.  I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  It’s impossible to put a price on that. You have truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever.  I am eternally grateful and looking forward to learning from and working with you in the future!  - Gina Stasowski, Corporate, Wife & Momma of 3


ShiftED my behaviors right away!

Even just one session with Valerie gave me a new level of insight to what has been keeping me stuck and keeping me from getting the results I want in both my relationship and finances. She gave me a tool that was powerful in helping me shift my behaviors right away. - Brenda Lomeli-Cruz, COE of The Last 10-Pounds,  


Got focused on my dreams!

In ONE session Valerie provided me with a concrete reason why I was failing to complete my upcoming deadlines. She was way more interested on the WHY I wasn't getting shit done, rather than focusing on an "approach" to tackle my issues, which less experienced coaches would have focused on. I now recognize that not only that it's self sabotaging but I recognize how silly it is to stay in this held back situation. I used what we worked on to get myself to focus and work on my dreams as opposed to just dreaming about it!  - Jessi Albin, Fitness & Pilates Expert and Nutrition Coach,, San Francisco, CA


Unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there...

In just one hour Valerie had me balling my eyes out in the best way possible. She unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there and helped me explore how I was feeling and why those feelings were actually lies. I would highly recommend working with her! - Ashley Grant, Professional Writer,


Recognize your own patterns that are holding you back

Valerie was very patient and non-judgmental. She let me open up to new possibilities. I think she was an excellent 'medium' between myself and finding the answers in the Universe. I've noticed that ever since we found a root cause, now I cannot go back to my ego blaming everything on it. Now I gotta admit to it, let it go and work through it. At least now I am aware of why I used to hold on to certain beliefs.Valerie was very accommodating, non-judgmental and listened very carefully to what I had to share. She honored my story and was there to catch me again, whenever I reached out. If you are ready to look deep inside and recognize your own patterns that are holding you back- Valerie is the one for you. However, you need to be willing to do the work. And let me tell you, often it is not 'pretty'. Find yourself in the same scenario over and over again? Ready to recognize YOU are the cause of it and YOU are the solution? Don't know where to begin? See Valerie! - Anastaysia Stoiatska, Events Manager, Washington, D.C. 


A 1-hour 'Life-changing' session!

Valerie helped me get through some of the blocks I was having around perfectionism and overwhelm. In a 1 hour session we were able to go much, much deeper than I expected and she helped me uncover some really interesting stuff surrounding my fear of success and what success means to me. The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing. Valerie has made a huge impact on my life and future, bad-ass, thriving, connected and non-lonely business! - Cat Sagar, Yoga & Meditaiton Instructor,, Chicago, IL


I feel clearer in my purpose & confident...

What I left the Blueprint to Your Ultimate Life course with was not only a set of specific, immediate, goal-oriented strategies to put into action, but also a clearer look at WHY I wanted to achieve those goals, and a method to revisit and revise my goals as others are completed and my life continues to evolve. I feel clearer in my purpose, and confident that I can accomplish more significant tasks than driving the kids to and from activities, making dinner and doing the laundry. I rediscovered my love of writing and, eventually, I hope to write a book. For now, I am using my writing skills to become a more politically active voice for my son and others with disabilities to ensure that their needs continue to be considered and met in public policy. I am also working on meeting other specific goals to help achieve more peace and presence in my time with my family. If you feel like you are just surviving but not thriving, I highly recommend taking this course with Valerie. - Andrea Colburn, Advocate for Autism, Writer, Wife & Momma of 3, Ashburn, VA


Made me a stronger and more confident woman! I believe in myself...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Blueprint to Your Ultimate Life workshop (with Valerie Kolick & Dr. Elise Abromson). I gained a stronger understanding of what my true values are and what my ultimate purpose looks like. I learned what was holding me back and why I have not been able to truly reach my goals in the past. I learned skills to help me work toward those goals in more measurable ways. Start small and celebrate the victories along the way. The class has made me a stronger and more confident woman. I believe in myself and learned how to give myself a break. I left the class with a true belief that I am enough as I am as a mother and wife and with tools to help me strive toward bigger goals in the future. I would recommend the class to anyone who is questioning if they are living the fullest life they can, wondering if there's more for them, and how to get it. Be open and go for it, it will change your life. - Wendy Sees Smith, Teacher, Lake Linganore, MD


Brought clarity & light into my life...

Valerie helped me to uncover my belief system that has held me back from living my true potential. By asking questions on specific areas and times of my life and connecting the answer with my current situations, Valerie helped me to realize my patterns of unconscious thinking that have been playing the game and creating my reality. Infinite thanks for helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!! - Lina Caravjal, Wellbeing Coach, Retired Industrial Engineer