The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Loved Ones

Yeah!  You're now part of the 21-Day Gratitude and Appreciation Challenge.  Not only will you be giving your spouse or partner the perfect, most thoughtful gift - you will also be improving your own happiness and your relationship every single day!  

Get started with these simple steps:

  1. Click one of the images below to download your FREE "I'm Grateful For You..." booklet.  
  2. Print your booklet.
  3. Each day write down something that you appreciate about your spouse and watch your relationship grow.
  4. Jump on over to my facebook page to learn more about what to add and see what others are putting in their booklet.
  5. Once the booklet is completely filled out, add your special decorating touches (think yard or twine as the binder, add a hard cover, etc.).
  6. Wait in anticipation for the awesome reaction you're going to get when you hand them this thoughtful and amazing gift!

Olive booklet

velvet booklet

Luxury Booklet