From renown psychotherapist and life transformation coach comes a unique neuroscience backed program to help you…



This 30-day Bootcamp is for extraordinary women who have always known they are on this earth to contribute and make a difference…in a HUGE way. This is for women who are ready to take control of their lives, own their power, and shine brightly from the inside out.

You have a burning inside of you to show the world what you are made of. You know that you’re meant for more in this life, but something is holding you back. You're frustrated because you feel stuck in life, you feel like everything you try just isn’t working.

You have read all the best self-growth books, productivity hacks, goal-setting strategies and maybe even worked with a therapist or coach – but you just can’t seem to stick to your goals, find true peace and fulfillment, or create the transformation you truly yearn for.  At the end of an incredibly busy day you drop into your bed unable to sleep because you feel like it was another wasted day. You know that you’re capable of more. You know that you want to make a difference in this world.  But every time you go after your biggest goals and dreams, you fall short.

You become disappointed in yourself and you settle, once again…thinking, “It’s just not the right time, there’s too much going on.”



The Real Reason Most People Struggle

The reason most people struggle with creating deep, long lasting change is because our brains are cluttered with mental and emotional obstacles and fears from our childhood memories and adult hurts.

Fortunately, neuroscience proves that we can change the wiring of our brains, and we can actually replace long held unhelpful beliefs with new, empowering beliefs within minutes.




How Do You Want to Contribute To This World?

Using the latest brain science research and techniques, you are going to release the emotional and mental clutter and fears that are holding you back from reaching your full-potential in all areas of your life. Seriously, in this 30-day Bootcamp – you are going to experience breakthrough after breakthrough – “Ah-ha moment” after “Ah-ha moment”!

Would you like to quickly and easily overcome obstacles and fears that have been subconsciously holding you back for decades?

Are you ready to let go of procrastination, doubts and worries, and gain the confidence and tools you need to build your dream life?

Whether it’s building a healthier body, making more money, changing careers, creating a more loving relationship or just becoming the most amazing various of yourself – this program is going to give you the tools, accountability and brain re-wiring your need to truly SUCCEED! How does that sound?

If you are ready to break out of the rut and start down the path of happiness, fulfillment, confidence and clarity – then the 30-Day Ultimate Life Bootcamp is your ticket and I’m excited to start going on this journey with you!!


How This Course Is Different

A self-proclaimed self-development junkie, Valerie has taken hundreds of online and in-person courses and seminars by top names in the field, like Tony Robinson, Marie Forleo, Zig Ziglar, Michael Hyatt, Martha Beck and Gabby Bernstein. Although these courses were incredible, she struggled with putting all the tools into action because the courses covered either the practical or the mindset…but never both!

Have you ever gone to a seminar or taken a course but failed to actually implement the practices?

You’re not alone. Most courses, seminars or even self-development books don’t give you an actual action plan to follow – or they don’t give you the tools to create true brain change. But the 30-day Ultimate Life Bootcamp is different.  

Valerie has used her decades of brain science research to create a course that not only gives you the practical goal setting steps you need to succeed…but also the transformative tools to truly rewire your brain for complete transformation!!

What Others Have To Say

"I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  It’s impossible to put a price on that."  

It’s impossible to find words to express the profoundness of the changes that have taken place, or my excitement for those that will take place in the future.  I went from feeling like a failure to knowing that I am a good wife and Mom, who will strive every day to be better and the very best I can be.  I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure, and have learned that I always have a choice.  Mental and emotional chaos has been replaced with the ability to be mindful, feel at peace and be guided by my intuition.  I went from feeling directionless to knowing exactly what my purpose is in life.  I could not in my wildest dreams have imagined that I could become the woman I am today. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable.  Prior to having this experience, I likely would not have invested in myself in such a way, in terms of both time and money, but now I know it is worth so much more than the cost of the course and the time and effort required.  I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  It’s impossible to put a price on that. You have truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever.  I am eternally grateful and looking forward to learning from and working with you in the future! 

Gina Stasowski, Portland, OR


"I feel clearer in my purpose, and confident"

I was constantly busy but felt unfulfilled.  What I left the course with was not only a set of specific, immediate, goal-oriented strategies to put into action, but also a clearer look at WHY I wanted to achieve those goals, and a method to revisit and revise my goals as others are completed and my life continues to evolve. I feel clearer in my purpose, and confident that I can accomplish more significant tasks than driving the kids to and from activities, making dinner and doing the laundry. I rediscovered my love of writing and, eventually, I hope to write a book. For now, I am using my writing skills to become a more politically active voice for my son and others with disabilities to ensure that their needs continue to be considered and met in public policy. I am also working on meeting other specific goals to help achieve more peace and presence in my time with my family. If you feel like you are just surviving but not thriving, I highly recommend taking this course.

-Andrea Colburn, Advocate for Autism Services, Mother of 3, Ashburn, Virginia

"If you are ready to look deep inside and recognize your own patterns that are holding you back- Valerie is the one for you."

Valerie was very patient and non-judgmental. She let me open up to new possibilities. I think she was an excellent 'medium' between myself and finding the answers in the Universe. I've noticed that ever since we found a root cause, now I cannot go back to my ego blaming everything on it. Now I gotta admit to it, let it go and work through it. Now I am aware of why I used to hold on to certain beliefs. Valerie was very accommodating, non-judgmental and listened very carefully to what I had to share. She honored my story and was there to catch me again, whenever I reached out. If you are ready to look deep inside and recognize your own patterns that are holding you back- Valerie is the one for you. However, you need to be willing to do the work. And let me tell you, often it is not 'pretty'. Find yourself in the same scenario over and over again? Ready to recognize YOU are the cause of it and YOU are the solution? Don't know where to begin? See Valerie!

- Anastaysia Stoiatska, Event Manager, Washington, D.C.

"[Valerie] gave me a tool that was powerful in helping me shift my behaviors right away!"

Even just one session with Valerie gave me a new level of insight to what has been keeping me stuck and keeping me from getting the results I want in both my relationship and finances. She gave me a tool that was powerful in helping me shift my behaviors right away.

-Brenda Lomeli-Cruz, CEO The Last 10-Pounds,, San Francisco, CA


Meet Valerie Kolick: The Master of Creating Amazing Transformations

Valerie knows how frustrating it is to feel stuck in life, feeling like you’re wasting your time on things that aren’t important, leaving you no time to focus on the things that are. She’s seen depression and boredom take over the lives of her family members and friends. That’s why early on in her life, she decided it would never happen to her.

She decided that she would always love her life and would find passion and purpose in everything she does. Her own personal journey led her to becoming a therapist, coach and researcher with a love for neuroscience and the latest brain science techniques. She has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in her education, has read hundreds of life transformation books and has spent thousands of hours in trainings so that she can help you create your ULTIMATE LIFE!

Her mission is to eliminate depression and anxiety from the world and help amazing women just like you find their zest and love for life so you can change the world from the inside out!  

Whether it’s building a healthier body, making more money, changing careers, creating a more loving relationship or just becoming the most amazing various of yourself – Valerie is the perfect guide to help you reach your ultimate goals!

You're Just 30-Days Away From Life Mastery!


  • Every week for 4 weeks you will receive 2-3 bite-sized video trainings that will teach you the tools you need to be the most successful and happy person you know!
  • You’ll also get Weekly Life-Sheets that will guide you through life-changing exercises, journaling prompts and mindset enhancement tools.
  • Since knowledge is nothing without action – you’ll be paired up with an Accountability Partner & an amazing Group of incredible women who will make sure you are taking inspired action every single day.
  • You’ll also get a chance to get personal coaching from me every single week on our Live Weekly Q&A Calls (ADD DATE & TIME).

Week 1:  Living a Values-Driven Life & Re-igniting the Passion

Your brain hates chaos and clutter – that’s what causes stress, anxiety and self-doubt. In the first week you will remove that clutter and become incredibly clear about your purposes and your values so that you can be the happiest and most focused you have ever been!

Oh yeah, and you’ll get your first taste of my favorite neuroscience technique that will help you quickly create new powerful habits and beliefs that support your dreams (willpower not required). All this while kicking up your confidence and dissolving self-doubt!

Week 2:  Designing Your Day For Passion, Fun & Productivity

Discover how your current daily activities are draining you of time and energy and discover a new way to arrange your day that lowers stress and ignites passions. During this week you are going to discover how to create goals that stick and that bring purpose and passion to your life. At the end of the week, you’ll know exactly where you’re going and stress, anxieties and overwhelm will be removed.  

Week 3: Retraining the Brain for Ultimate Fulfillment & Success

Understand the emotional, mental and fear blocks that are keeping you stuck from reaching your ultimate goals – and then KICK THEM TO THE CURB! You’ll figure out how procrastination, excuses, self-doubt, perfectionism and fear of success and failure have been holding you back and you’ll learn exactly how to overcome these so you can be moving towards constant success.

Week 4: Action Planning & Living Your Ultimate Life

Most people come up with a half-ass plan to reach their goals and forget to take action every day. Now that your brain is ready to take massive action, you’ll learn a simple process to FINALLY reach your goals and live your ultimate life. You’ll end the week with a 90-day Success Plan, powered up by my secret tips, tools and an accountability partner to keep you on track!!



3payments (1).png

Valerie has helped hundreds of women transform their careers, their relationships, their business, and their health – and often in just a 1-hour session!

Her clients pay hundreds of dollars to work with her for a 1-hour session, and they all agree it’s worth every penny! It’s the amazing transformative power of neuroscience. And it’s priceless!

That’s why people all over the world are happy to spend $200-$300 for a session with me – because they see transformations in areas of their life that they have been working on for years! In the 30-day Ultimate Life Bootcamp, you’re not just getting a 1-hour session, you are getting over 6 hours of group coaching and 30-days of unlimited support and teaching from Valerie and an amazing group of other successful women who are cheering you on!

How much would you pay to have a blueprint with the exact steps for living a values-driven, happy and successful life in 30-days?

How much would you pay to finally let go of anxieties, overwhelm and stress and start reaching your biggest dreams and goals (with little effort)?

$10,000? $5,000?

Yes! The success and happiness of you and your family is worth this amount!

But, Valerie's not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this opportunity.

Valerie’s mission is to help women across the world find their true passions and kick anxiety, depression and overwhelm to the curb - so they can contribute to making this world a happier and more fulfilled place.

So, she wants to make this course available to as many brilliant women as possible, so you can have the complete 30-day course with 4-hours of live group coaching for one payment of $397!!

Here’s What People Say About Valerie’s Programs

"I used what we worked on to get myself to focus and work on my dreams as opposed to just dreaming about it!"

In ONE session Valerie provided me with a concrete reason why I was failing to complete my upcoming deadlines. She was way more interested on the WHY I wasn't getting shit done, rather than focusing on an "approach" to tackle my issues, which less experienced coaches would have focused on. I now recognize that not only that it's self sabotaging but I recognize how silly it is to stay in this held back situation. I used what we worked on to get myself to focus and work on my dreams as opposed to just dreaming about it!

-Jessi Albin, Fitness & Pilates Expert, Nutrition Coach,, San Francisco, CA

"I would recommend the class to anyone who is questioning if they are living the fullest life they can, wondering if there's more for them, and how to get it. Be open and go for it, it will change your life."

[In The Ultimate Life Course] I gained a stronger understanding of what my true values are and what my ultimate purpose looks like. I learned what was holding me back and why I have not been able to truly reach my goals in the past. I learned skills to help me work toward those goals in more measurable ways. Start small and celebrate the victories along the way. The class has made me a stronger and more confident woman. I believe in myself and learned how to give myself a break. I left the class with a true belief that I am enough as I am as a mother and wife and with tools to help me strive toward bigger goals in the future. I would recommend the class to anyone who is questioning if they are living the fullest life they can, wondering if there's more for them, and how to get it. Be open and go for it, it will change your life.

-Wendy Sees Smith, Teacher, New Market, Maryland

"She unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there!"

In just one hour Valerie had me balling my eyes out in the best way possible. She unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there and helped me explore how I was feeling and why those feelings were actually lies. I would highly recommend working with her!

-Ashley Grant, Professional Writer, (LOCATION)

"Infinite thanks for helping me to bring clarity and light into my life!"

Valerie helped me to uncover my belief system that has been held back from living my true potential. By asking questions on specific areas and times of my life and connected the answer with my current situations, you helped me to realize my patterns of unconscious thinking that have been playing the game and creating my reality. Infinite thanks for helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!!I

-Lina Carvajal, Wellbeing Coach, Retired Industrial Engineer (LOCATION?)

"The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing."

Valerie helped me get through some of the blocks I was having around perfectionism and overwhelm. In a 1 hour session we were able to go much, much deeper than I expected and she helped me uncover some really interesting stuff surrounding my fear of success and what success means to me. The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing. Valerie has made a huge impact on my life and future, bad-ass, thriving, connected and non-lonely business!

-Cat Sager, Yoga & meditation Instructor,, Chicago, Illinois