Everybody has hurt, pain and trauma from the past. These emotional wounds and bruises sit in your body and mind for decades and are the ROOT cause of self-doubt, anxiety, depression, low performance, illness & strained relationships.

The top performers in the world understand that the secret to great health and achievement starts with removing the emotional wounds of the past. They understand that no amount of mindset work, physical activity, healthy eating, releasing of limiting beliefs or meditation will work UNTIL the emotional scars of the past have been removed.

Welcome!! I’m Valerie Kolick, trained neuro-psychotherapist turned life coach. I will give you the tools you need to heal your mind and body from the traumas and hurts that are holding you hostage…so that you can become the confident, loved, and high-performing woman you are meant to be!

It’s time to create a life that you never thought possible!!

Keep reading to see how to get started!

Valerie is a Trained Neuropsychotherapist turned Transformation Coach...


…who has spent the last 15 years decoding the heart and the mind so she can help incredible women create extraordinary lives through individual coaching and programs like the Forgive to Transform Program & the Relationship Bootcamp: Love To Transform.

In 2017 Valerie made a huge shift to incorporate mindset and neuroscience into her practice so she could help her clients heal from the past, rewire their brains for success, and connect the heart and the mind for ultimate success.

Valerie has been featured in national publications such as MindBodyGreen & Huffington Post as a relationship and mindset expert, and has a huge following because "her stuff just works!"

When she's not healing and helping others, Valerie can be found playing lakeside with her two young children and her amazing (handsome) husband, watching Ohio State football, or enjoying time with her friends. 

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See The Results Of Past Clients


Brad & Carolyn

After working with Valerie our marriage just works so much better. We resolve problems quickly, our anxieties have almost disappeared and we don't get defensive anymore. We can focus on creating success and happiness in the rest of our life now that we are secure and happy with our relationship! 


Gina S.

My life is completely and totally different. It's impossible to find words to express the profoundness of changes that have taken place. I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure. I could not in my wildest dreams imagine that I could become the woman I am today. I truly feel working with Valerie was the TURNING POINT in my life thus far.

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Brenda L.

Even just one session with Valerie gave me a new level of insight into what has been keeping me stuck and keeping me from getting the results I want in both my relationship and finances. She gave me a tool that was powerful in shifting my behaviors right away.