Transform Your Relationship Course

Hi there, I’m so excited that you have decided to take this Transform Your Relationship journey with me!

I'm Valerie Kolick, a psychotherapist, a relationship expert and most importantly a wife and mother of two!  I have been trained by the top names in the marriage field.  Yet, I struggled for years in my own marriage, I felt hopeless and desired a partner who would listen to me, adore me and appreciate me.  My fancy techniques and methods did not work in my own marriage - UNTIL - I finally mastered a special technique that took my marriage from the brink of separation into a relationship full of adoration.   And now I’m excited to share my most effective techniques with you!

Within this course I will be sharing some of the most effective techniques, skills and shifts that will help you make over your relationship.  Rather you want to take your relationship from good to great - or need some major help overcoming struggles in your relationship - you are in the right place! 

Each module provides you with an introduction to the topic, a video and a worksheet or exercise to complete.  

Before you get started on this journey -  follow these steps:

Step 1:  Click here to join the Private Facebook Community.

Step 2:  Grab a journal.  A place to write down thoughts, your exercises and new ideas that come to you throughout the course. 

Step 3:  Write your intention for the course in your journal.  Clear intentions are instrumental in creating change - so take some time really think about his. Use these questions to get the juices flowing:

  • What do you really want from your relationship? 
  • What changes do you want to see as an outcome of going through this challenge? 
  • What are your current obstacles, or what is getting in your way from reach this goal? 
  • What action or thought can serve you best in reaching this intention?

Step 4:  Look below to get access to each Module of the course and your bonuses!

Take your answers and put them together into one or two sentences.   

I'd love to hear your intentions - so please e-mail them to me at valerie@kolickcoaching.com.