Congratulations on completing the Transform Your Relationship Challenge!  I'm proud of you for having the strength and initiative to make changes in your life!

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As we're wrapping up our time together, I want to share one last story with you...

I'm not sure if you know this, but I offer complimentary 45-minute assessment to individuals or couples wanting to breakthrough challenges in their relationships.

During one of these assessments the woman on the other end of the phone exclaimed to me that her and her husband hadn't talked in almost a week!

She was scared and felt so lonely.  She stated that her and her husband had been fighting a lot over the last 6 months - but this time was different.  This time they stopped caring.  They didn't even care enough to fight.

She said they had both become numb to trying to fix their relationship and their challenges.  This client was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety over her marriage.  She was feeling hopeless. 

She was scared that they would just become roommates.  She truly believed that her and her husband had lost all of the intimacy, connection and deep conversations that once filled their marriage.

I let her know it wasn't hopeless.  During the assessment, I let her know what she was doing to sabotage the relationship and gave her some simple tips to move her relationship past this hump.  She hung up feeling relieved and had a glimmer of hope.


I ended up working with her and her husband over the course of 90-days.  We video-conferenced and talked every week for one hour.  Together, we took their relationship from the edge of separation into an adoring and exciting marriage! 

At the end of the 90-days this couple was laughing together, was more connected than ever and was planning a couples vacation.

Recently, I received a hand-written card from this couple.  Here are some of the things they wrote in the card,

"It is difficult to put into words how much it meant to do couples coaching with you.  We are so grateful for all we have learned"
"Our time with each other is so much more calm now, and we are able to focus on other things in our lives, knowing that our marriage is at a very stable and peaceful place."
"I really enjoyed learning from you and discovering a lot of new things about my husband - you made our marriage stronger."


I'm always so touched and humbled each time I hear from a past client and they tell me how their lives have changed. 

Do you want the opportunity to transform your relationship? 

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